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John Dandola

West Orange Fire Department Centennial Album 1894-1994

Still in print. Direct from the author's private reserve. First and only edition; 104 pages; 8.5"x11"

A formal history of the West Orange (New Jersey) Fire Department which includes the infamous 1914 fire at Thomas Edison's factory. Profusely illustrated with restored vintage photographs.

Online descriptions are often erroneous. John Dandola is the SOLE author and copyright-holder;
the involvement of the W.O.F.D. Centennial Committee was only that they asked him to undertake the book.

$19.95 plus $4.75 S&H (via USPS Media Rate with tracking).


The Fire Department Centennial Album is the book which has been repeatedly plagiarized and has had its restored (and copyrighted) photographs repeatedly infringed upon—
all within the Town of West Orange, New Jersey!

Such a sad set of affairs arises because those in power in the author's own hometown have never grasped the concept of common courtesy in asking permission to use someone else's intellectual and creative property.

So far, it has cost one politician a lawsuit plus an election and cost a publishing company multiple lawsuits. First, the publishing company stole contents from the W.O.F.D. Centennial Album for its own West Orange history book; then it tried to issue different editions without removing the stolen contents. In the end, that publishing company finally just issued a different West Orange history by a different author which was even more poorly written than its predecessor.

To safeguard against any new infringements, online sales of this book will only be through one of the publishers who assisted in putting it together. To order, whether using check or credit card, please first inquire at

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West Orange: A Concise & Accurate History

This title debuted in 2013 to celebrate the
correct year of the town's 150th anniversary.
(Embarrassingly, the politicians scheduled the celebration a year early.)

This book details the history of the town from its colonial beginnings and even gives the real reason for the name "Orange" which is not what has repeatedly and erroneously been handed down for generations.

161 pages; 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback

$15.95 plus $4.75 S&H (via USPS Media Rate with tracking).


West Orange Police Department: A History of Its Beginnings

The how and why West Orange established its own police department after a rape-murder case which was botched by the Orange and Newark Police Departments in 1883. That case is detailed along with how the department progressed from horse and wagon days up to the mid-twentieth century.

92 pages; 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback

$12.95 plus $4.75 S&H (via USPS Media Rate with tracking).


Sun, Fun, and Pervasive Politics:
A History & Memoir of Ginny Duenkel Municipal Pool

Yet again, the town politicians allowed a date to go uncelebrated. June 25, 2017, was the fiftieth anniversary of Ginny Duenkel Municipal Pool. Part of why there was no celebration was because of what the author knew since he had served as the youngest and longest tenured lifeguard and then assistant manager. This history and memoir is filled with behind-the-scenes stories which the public never imagined.

216 pages; 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback

$15.95 plus $4.75 S&H (via USPS Media Rate with tracking).


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"...precisely what can always be associated with Dandola's work: scholarly research and exceptional writing talent."

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